Re-elect CSU52 President Lanny Chudyk

Lanny Chudyk

Lanny Chudyk

Experience. Leadership. Transparency. Stability.

Increase level of representation and service to members
  • Continue to defend your pension plan
  • Continue to build relationships with union partners and all levels of government
Engage with all members
  • Continue virtual meetings at all levels of the organization during and after the pandemic
  • Continue the campaign against bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Push for equity in our bargaining units

In this period of uncertainty, it is crucial to have a passionate leader who is informed, connected, and experienced to represent you. During my tenure as president of your union, I have developed relationships at various levels that are essential to the membership during these difficult and precarious times. As always, I am committed to defend your rights and promote your interests.


I was born and raised on a farm in North Central Saskatchewan. Shortly after high school graduation, I relocated to Edmonton where I enrolled in programs at NAIT and the University of Alberta.

Following employment at McGregor Power and Telephones as well as the Alberta Liquor Control Board, I accepted a position with the City of Edmonton's Waste and Sanitation Department at the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant and immediately became involved in the affairs of CSU 52. I served as a shop steward and as a member on various committees for many years. Prior to becoming President of your union eight years ago, I represented you as a Vice President on two occasions.

I have one son, two daughters, five wonderful grandchildren and a beautiful, supportive wife. The highlight of the summer is taking a road trip with the grandchildren. It is hectic, but always memory making.

Lanny Chudyk


Endorsed by:

  • Jared Cutting, Edmonton Police Service Shop Steward
  • Greg Derkach, Treasurer
  • Leo Derkach, City of Edmonton Contractual Unit Director
  • Teresa Doblanko, EPCOR Contractual Unit Director
  • Tyler Dys, Capital Power Contractual Unit Director
  • Tracy Foran, First Vice-President
  • Jolene Hutseal, Chief Shop Steward
  • Marion Leskiw, Past President

An Opportunity for You

Lanny Chudyk

Before the polls close at 11:59 PM on Friday, October 20th, you will have the opportunity to cast a ballot in the CSU 52 election ...

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